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    t Helping guildies with main



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    t Helping guildies with main

    Post  Entiana on Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:51 am

    Hey whats up, Its Entiana. i have a small problem regarding promotions, because I am a twink (A character that is always Better that average) for BGs (Battlegrounds) i cant help any one and i cant level. Mech said i could help guildies with my main. so this message is to any one who need help (i.g. Runs through most instances, quests, escorts, killing monsters; elite. what ever you need if im on i will see if i have time to help. Just send me a message through a whisper/tell. If im not any of them then just put a reply to this saying what you want/need me to do. or send me an In-game mail wit the same thing.

    My characters in the guild are:
    *Both are twinks.

    My other alts are the ones that i can help you with or quest with you if your around that level::
    Atheanea (80 Night Elf hunter, Talent points; 50 in beast, 21 in Marks*i think*)
    Sarahdomin (64 Dran DK, Talent points; Most in unholy, 2 in blood and a few in frost)
    Posyden (13 Dran hunter) *soon to be twink hunter*
    Santasgirl (25-25 Night Elf Druid, Talent points: all in feral) *Abstract character*
    Alyssa (25-26 Dran shammy, Talent points: resto/enhanc) *Abstract character*

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