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    About Joining The Bloody Blades Guild!


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    About Joining The Bloody Blades Guild!

    Post  Mechatorn on Sun Jan 11, 2009 2:11 am

    If you want to be enlisted into Bloodyblades, then post your request here.
    I recruit any lev of char and I rank them upon entering my guild according to level.
    (No need to go into details about that until you join).

    *Over 500 Active and Friendly Members!
    *We have 6 guild bank tabs accessible by rank
    *Our guild allows free repairs for Any level,
    *free daily bank withdrawls.(how much depends on rank)
    *we also provide FREE lev30 mount training and your first mount~!
    So, far there has always been enough gold in our guild bank and we always manage it!

    Evil or Very Mad Guild bank thiefs are dishonorable and I make sure to take screen shots of all thefts and post them on the site guildthief section.
    From there,I have added a link so Anyone, can go to armory and track down the new unsuspecting guild that Ahole has rejoined and then its time to get even!
    (Its Nice to send ingame email to that GM and tell him he has a guild thief in his guild, come look at the screenies)
    Trust Me This works! Not to mention hope you like having a ruined reputation. Twisted Evil
    Pre Gratz to ya! If you join our guild, we ara a friendly and hardworking lot,
    I look forward to personally meeting and helping you inway I can while in the ranks!

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